Thursday, 8 March 2012

GAME/Gamestation mark down all pre-owned titles + more

So after my brother had called me telling me "hey, go to GAME, they have games there going for 50p" i had to wonder, eh? really? then he sent me a screen of some of the titles people had picked up and instead of thinking about it, dashed round to GAME to see what deals they had. So what did they have on offer you ask? Well, here's a few things i spotted.

  1. I picked up Space Marine for the £360 for less than 8 quid, i got it for £2 thanks to my GAME reward card.
  2. All PS2 titles that where available where on Buy-One-Get-One-Free, all of them, and i don't think i saw any of them going for more than £3.
  3. Games like killzone 2, Alone in the Dark, Super Street Fighter 4, Halo 3, Uncharted 2, where all less than £7-8 each
  4. Epic Mickey was unfortunately £10, I WANTED IT SO BAD, but alas, i never picked it up
  5. Consoles where only just starting to come down in price. We noticed that the PS3 was down to £99(40/60/80GB models) and the Wii was down to £39 quid.
  6. Titles for the 3DS weren't as cheap, SSFIV 3D was down to about £12, and that was the cheapest game on offer for it. Starfox was £17 unfortunately.
That's all we really saw, which is fairly huge in itself. We never actually saw everything reduced, since when i asked about some of the games, they had said a lot of them where still getting reduced and hardware was coming down as well.

Also please note, this is only GAME i've been able to check out so far, Edinburgh doesn't have a Gamestation at the moment, so i'll check the local Gamestation in Stirling on my way home and then fire up what the deals are on that side as well, though i expect they will be the same, just with more titles. So as soon as i see them, i'll fire them here.

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