Monday, 9 June 2014

E3 2014 quick predictions

So i've decided to go ahead and make a very quick set of predictions for what to expect from each set of conferences, plus a few shots at what games each company will be bringing with them to the event. I expect a fair few will be a million miles away in terms of accuracy, but i hope a few will hit the target. So here goes!


  1. Mario Maker will probably be a 3DS title, could be the one that has the other developers roundtable next to Smash this year
  2. Obligatory Zelda WiiU prediction
  3. I'm expecting Nintendo want to capitalise on the success of Mario Kart 8, so will have something lined up for release in the next month to continue the momentum for the WiiU.
  5. Tecmo-Koei may show off their other third party venture with Nintendo, if not i expect we'll see a few more third party colabs from nintendo at the event. Maybe something with Mario, or perhaps Star Fox
  7. They may take this opportunity to showcase their figure style games, which work much in the same vein as Skylanders, but can connect to multiple games(this was introduced at their last financial meeting). Will be interesting to see if it comes attached with a new title
  8. Expect some regional announcements, so as a UK person. SMTIV
  9. On the note of SMT, it's about time we heard about SMT x Fire Emblem
  10. Region Freeness?

  1. Expect Halo 5 and Halo 2 Anniversary to be showcased side-by-side somewhere in the middle of their conference. it's the microsoft way. Oh, Master Chief collection will be there too.
  2. I hate to sound like a broken record but, Gears of War. Gotta beat sonys GoW with their own
  3. From what i've heard, they have a new IP to show off at the event. I can't honestly remember who's developing it, Microsoft Studios maybe? but my hope is that they pull away from their shooter obsession for a little while. Something platformy or maybe something RPG-like would be good.
  4. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will have time-based exclusive DLC to xbox first. as always
  5. A long shot, but microsoft seem to have picked up a couple of japanese devs to work on their system, so maybe a titles originating from japan?
  6. Platinum are rumoured to be developing a game for Xbox, this would be as fine a time as any to show it to the world

  1. Getting it out there. The Last Guardian. I DID IT. WE HAPPY NOW?
  2. More than likely, i expect to see Project Beast officially revealed during their conference. We know it exists, now they need to show it.
  3. SquEnix have a new game in store, so expect it here. Maybe a new final fantasy. God please no more XIII.
  4. I'd expect another God of War to be shown off. You know. GoW Sony vs GoW Microsoft. As it is. Nintendo where's yours? 
  5. Expecting possible showing of ports to PS4. So Last of Us HD, GTAV for PS4 confirmation, etc.
  6. Since Tomb Raider has more in development, a teaser of the upcoming sequel will be at least mentioned.

Other predictions
  1. Deep Silver have 2 new titles to show off at E3 this year. One of which i expect will be the reboot of Saints Row that's been discussed previously. The other i can't really speak for.
  2. Nordic games bought Darksiders a year ago, and at the time said "not to expect Darksiders for 2 years". This would be a good a time as any to show off what they've been doing with the IP so they can release the title in a year/year and a half.
  3. EA are likely to show off Mass Effect 4, probably won't release for a good year, but it could be there
  4. Residen Evil might rear its ugly head in too. Whether it'll be a reboot or a new one in the franchise, it's hard to say. Possibly DmC as well?
  5. Cryteks new title will actually be Timesplitters(let me hope damnit)
  7. Konami, knowing konami may come out with a new Castlevania. Hopefully one that plays to the old timeline instead of the new.

I've tried to avoid commenting on stuff that is already well known for being there(X, Ace Attorney, Smash) but some you always cover anyways. I think Aonuma said Zelda was going to be there anyways, but its not really a Nintendo prediction without it. I have a few other ideas, but they are either too close to reality or far off being possible. we'll see. Please Understand

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