Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Here's to new beginnings! - Blog restart

So here i am, wiping the slate clean(literally) of my old attempts at blogging and starting anew. Why the sudden restart/interest in blogging? Well, my time is still, so my original plan to create an all news, opinions and attempt at review podcast is on an indefinite least, until uni is over. So this place shall now be filled with what i was originally intent on doing on there, as well as throwing in the odd bit of anime news when something really takes me.

So without further delay, let's get rolling!

In the news this week:
I'm sure it will come as no surprise to any who keep up to date with everything like myself, but with the 9.0 quake + tsunami in japan, delays are everywhere within the gaming and anime industries, with companies putting release dates which where scheduled for last week and i believe the next couple of weeks off until april. Most notable titles to be affected include TecmoKoei + Team Ninjas latest DOA, Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS as well as Troy Musou(Warriors: Legends of Troy) for 360/PS3 meaning they will miss their 24th and 31st release dates respectively. As to whether this will affect western release dates? Probably not. DOA is set for May in Europe and i believe the US, and Legends of Troy has reviews flying about already, so don't expect release dates to change here. Please keep in mind these are pushed back because of the earthquake, and so companies should be given the benefit of the doubt throughout, it's not exactly an easy time for anyone over there. Please donate if you get the chance. Anime fans can donate at Crunchyroll, or anyone for that matter. So please do.

Capcom have announced that they will be releasing Resident Evil: Revival, which has been confirmed to have remastered versions of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica: Directors Cut within it, set for release on the 360 and PS3. As for any other titles, we're still to find out, but shall be kept posted when we know. Release date is also TBA.

The 3DS is due out in just under 36 hours, with it getting a midnight launch everywhere around Europe. Expect queues to least a little long? hah. I shall be leaving to get mine early enough to be able to get in and out at a decent enough pace, without having to wait hours in a queue miles long. I'll post my initial thoughts here and hopefully will have more than one or two games to throw initial thoughts up of(money permitting). Are you hitting the midnight launch?

Finally, Mass Effect 2 has it's final DLC announced called "Arrival". Officially confirmed for the end of the month despite popular belief it was out in April, and after it's accidental leak through a patch on the PS3 showing the trophies for it. It's set to bridge the gap between 2 and 3, and hopefully will live up to Lair of the Shadow Broker. Hopefully Bioware won't hit it with the same bat they did Dragon Age 2, but for another time

So here we go, a collection of the news i found most interesting for the past week and a bit. Will try to get this up once a week at least with the latest from the industry, release dates, rumours and event info. Stay tuned and later peeps


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