Thursday, 7 April 2011

Quick update

I'm gonna make this one short, primarily because i'm going to make a fairly lengthy post on both The 3rd Birthday from Square-Enix, and Dynasty Warriors 7 of TecmoKoei(which i won \o/, still wondering how). So without further ado, here is a collection of just some of the news this past week.

Starting off with news that popped up yesterday, Capcom launched a teaser site recently which is simply titled DD. People have already caught on through domain acquisitions that this stands for Dragon's Dogma. Now, this would go under the radar, if it was not for a tweet posted by the Breath of Fire V director, Makoto Ikehara, which states what they know about the title, but does him posting on the matter mean this could be a new Breath of Fire title? we'll have to see. A screen of the title can be seen below

The 3DS is finally out! and with it a mass rage to buy the console. Sadly when i went to get mine at the midnight launch, there wasn't half as many people as i originally expected. Speaking with the manager of the place at the time they said that GAME higher ups still viewed the handheld as a console aimed at kids....what? the 3DS has more titles in the first couple of months aged 12 or 16+ than the DS did for a good while, not only that, there is a health warning to any child under 7 who plays it. Seriously GAME, kids handheld? get yer act together.

Anime/Game: News just in as i post this. Bioware and Funimations team up to what was originally going to be a Dragon Age animated feature looks to include more than just that. They now have set in motion, a Mass Effect anime movie set for release in 2012. Little detail is known on this, however they have said that due to the extensiveness of the mass effect universe, there is a lot they could do with it. The article announcing this can be viewed here

And finally. Capcom have released the first trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and although it doesn't show too much, it does show at the end that Leon is in it. Backing up the fact that they said you can be given the option to change the timeline, and kill Leon in this game. Again, you can view this trailer on youtube

And that's it for now. I'll post another update after i clock in a couple of hours on Dynasty Warriors 7. So until then, later,

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