Monday, 6 June 2011

Ubisoft E3 press Conference

This conference starts off with the main director thanking everyone for 25 years of Ubisoft.

We start off officially....with fail acting of shakespeare. And with Rayman Origins. Gameplay looks to be in 2.5D and chasing after chests, at least for the first part. Now onto some platforming with some music we all should know as Tetris. Pretty nice reference in there. Seems to be going with a very humour based theme, whilst sticking to the usual rayman style. I expect the the tetris music and bit was added in for the 25th anniversary bit for Ubisoft, which is nice. This looks promising from what we can see here, and i believe, it's the way Rayman should have been left, as 2D or 2.5D

Now we have a guy whos had.....a bit too much caffeine. He kinda goes back in time mentioning what everything looks like 25 years ago, and now. This leads to a new title announcement which turns out to be Driver: San Francisco, available to play at their booth, so we may see some gameplay videos appear in the not to distant future.

Now we move onto what looks to be Farcry 3. Trailer they are showing looks to be in game instead of a random trailer. Turns out, it went straight into someone playing the game, and we're getting gameplay straight away. Taking out a ton of enemies in stealth, then to some gun play and after that, taking over a helicopter in an attempt to escape. Farcry 3 is set to be released in 2012.

Gearbox software are here to show off Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. A new WW2 based game with, a twist. As an over the top style approach to how WW2 was fought. 4 men, against an army. No gameplay in the trailer, nor did i catch a date, though there probably could have been one.

Now for a film based game connected with paramount. Tin Tin. Gameplay looks to be again, 2.5D and 3D game. No release date bar "Coming Soon"

Much like at Microsofts conference, we're getting some more on Tom Clancy's Future Soldier. It isn't showing how they are controlling it, but it looks to be done through a controller, instead of kinect. My guess would be kinect could be used for voice commands, or they could use it only for the gun system they showed at Microsoft. It can be played as 4 person co-op, and is very much team co-ordinated. With the weapon customisation they showed earlier, this is very nice. They also announced Ghost Recon: Online as a completely free online game to play. The second one for E3 this year. First one being Battlefield multiplayer, which will be included with my EA post after this.

Trackmania from Mania planet is shown as well, and they announce the next title for it, Trackmania 2. They show a trailer showing off some of the new features for the game. It will also debut in September this year. Mania planet is also adding shootmania(for FPS) and questmania for rpgs.

Now we get Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking for Kinect. Kinda involves you just being in a clear room stomping on rabbids through the use of Augmented Reality. It also has bits where multiple people will be working together to make shapes of people or objects. They only did a short preview for it, but its out on November 8th.

Looks like they will be showing off a dancing game, as they did an example of what it looks like on the commodor 64. It's a lead up for Just Dance 3, which looks to be on all 3 consoles, Wii, Kinect and PS3 move.

Thinext game for ubisoft to fire at us tonight, but they are showing off Rocksmith, a game which is aimed to help teach someone how to play the Guitar. It's due out in Autumn 2011.
They are also showing off the new fitness game for kinect which follows up from the one they made for it last year. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 will allow you to work with others who have the same goals as you do and work with them to achieve it.

Now, we have Assassins Creed: Revelations. Showing off a new trailer for the game which looks to be an older Ezio, and has Altair appear as well. The trailer itself shows a fair bit, all of which looks pretty fantastic. Now they show off a demo for the game. Gameplay is very much what you've come to expect from Assassin's Creed, and a lot of the extra weapons seem to have made a come back too, such as the smoke bombs, bombs, swords and so on. Demo seems based in 1511, i can't remember how far after Brotherhood that is though. Based in a new city as well, where you are trying to get access to your boat to leave port and find your way to a templar that ezio has tracked down. Game wasn't given the exact date of release, but it was set up for November.

And that ends Ubisofts show. Quite a good show overall. Shall return with the rest.

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