Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let gaming commence! The quest to completion

So in the same idea as a few other people whom i speak to on twitter, i have a lot, and i do mean a lot, of games i need to actually just sit down and complete. But it's not just sitting down to complete them that's the problem, but what game to actually sit down and finish. As such, i decided to write out two lists of games for me to randomise and pick out from to complete as i go. Why two lists? Well, i move between home, where i work, and my flat in edinburgh every week, and at home i have only a couple of my consoles, at the flat i have the rest. So to balance it out, i've decided that it would work best to pick one from each list, so that i can sit down and complete one here, and there.

So Here is the list of games to work at at home:

  1. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  2. Valkyria Chronicles
  3. Project Slypheed
  4. Kingdom Hearts 2: FM +(gotta beat the secret bosses for the secret cinematic)
  5. Persona 4
  6. Persona 3 FES
  7. Final Fantasy XIII
  8. Disgaea 4
  9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  10. .hack//Outbreak + part 4
  11. Lost Odyssey
  12. God Hand
  13. Katawa Shoujo
  14. VVVVVV
  15. Sonic Generations
I probably have more for competion at home, but this is as good a list to start with as any. Now for the list for at the flat, this will include portables, because obviously with the travel aspect, i can get some time in on them.

  1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles
  3. The Witcher
  4. Torchlight
  5. Persona 4
  6. P3P
  7. Persona 3 FES(including these three as it is easy to transport my PS2 back and forth)
  8. One Piece: unlimited Cruise SP
  9. Metroid Prime 3
  10. Skyrim
  11. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
  12. ZHP: Unlosing Hero vs DarkDeath Evilman
  13. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  14. Shadow of the Colossus
  15. Super Robot Taisen K(DS)
  16. Beyond Good & Evil
And i think, that's a good place to leave them for now. I could add a bajillion more, but then, i'd probably never get them done. I decided only with the list at the flat, to complete Skyward Sword. I'm down to two dungeons to go, so it shouldn't take long(he says after putting 5 and a half hours in to get 1 dungeon down last time), so this random number pick(random number generator) is for the next one. So the two games are: Number 5: Persona 4 and..number 13: Fire Emblem. A nice start i think. Hopefully i can fire up progress as i go with these as i get them down. Think i'll need to get me some caffeine with Persona 4, long game means long nights. Hah.

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