Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Quest for completion - Persona 4: Update 1

After a rather delayed start-back for Persona 4, i made a small, albeit decent amount of progress from what i got time to do yesterday. I was able to complete the Heaven dungeon(i won't say who's involved, purely because if someone reads this and has yet to play the game(or when you read this, watch the anime), it will spoil things) which had a boss. At times he did give me those feelings of "OH HELL" but thankfully, my team where able to hold it together and take him out. Was a long one though. All i can say is, Black Frost & Yatofusa with Mind charge + Agidyne = god tier. Yukiko is one hell of a healer with the right equipment too, every time my party took nearly 300 damage, it was restored in one cast. Only person of my team that felt a little useless was Chie. Her magic is meh, and her accuracy for melee was a little sub-par. Could have done with boosting her hit/evasion more probably, but it worked out in the end anyways.

After that, i spent a few of the following days after that(i finished the dungeon 2 days after it opened up), i got the devil arcana up a rank as well as fortune up 2. Annoyingly, for Naotos arcana, i didn't realise you need max understanding for one of the conversation options. Raged since UNDERSTANDING NEVER LIKES TO INCREASE, bar that, only 4 ranks away from max for Naoto now.

Plan is for tonight and tomorrow morning, to get to the end of november, and into december, hopefully with 2-3 more social links maxed.

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